About The Author

Hi, my name is Richard Foster and my background has mostly been in the regulated areas such as investment and insurance so I may have a slight regulated bias in my thoughts but that might not be a bad thing. In fact I’ve been in financial services all of my life and have some 35 years’ experience. I’ve been a director of ten different companies, including as a managing director, and I currently act as a non-executive director of several companies. These again have mostly been in the regulated space, in investments, funds, insurance and one charity. Plus I have served on 6 committees which have been mostly finance, audit, risk and investments. And as we’ll see later, committees can play an important part in supporting the board in specific functions. I’ve been on several of the UK Institute of Directors courses and over my career at senior level I’ve written internal policies and procedures, and marketing materials. I’ve developed strategies, business plans, devised budgets and overseen finances and have had a strong leaning towards corporate governance. I’m a strong believer in sound ethics and integrity in the boardroom and wider corporate world. But I’ve also seen how things can go wrong and I’ve been involved with the wind down of a company and a fund, - not from poor corporate governance I might add! But I have learnt valuable lessons from those experiences.